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August 25, 2008

Biztalk DataBases

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Biztalk make following Databases by default after installation and configuration of Biztalk in SQL server.

· SSODB for Enterprise Single Sign On

· BizTalkRuleEngineDB for business rules

· BizTalkMsgBoxDb to store biztalk based messages

· BizTalkMgmtDb to store meta data

· BizTalkHwsDb human workflow service storage database

· BizTalkEdiDb state database for EDI adapter

· BizTalkDTADb biztalk tracking engine storage

· BizTalkStarSchema for staging, dimension and measure table

· BAMPrimaryImport to store tracking data to show in Business Activity Monitor

· BAMArchive to archive older business activities

· BAMAlertsNSMain to store notification services for Business Activity Monitor

· BAMAlertsApplication to store alerts for Business Activity Monitor


Biztalk Management Studios

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Biztalk has multiple Management studios, briefed below

1. BizTalk Server 2006 Administration Console

1.1. As name implies, its administration console, it let you create Biztalk based applications and much more within that. It gives you Event Viewer to track events

2. BizTalk Server 2006 Configuration

2.1. It lets you configure server like modifying user accounts, Biztalk runtime, web services and such stuff

3. BizTalk Server 2006 Documentation

3.1. Provide Biztalk documentation

4. Business Activity Monitoring

4.1. Portal for non technical users to view status

5. BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard

5.1. To create web service and to publish that and such web related based stuff

6. Microsoft Business Rule Composer

6.1. To make business rules to apply/validate on messages

7. Rules Engine Deployment Wizard

7.1. To deploy custom business rules to apply on applications

8. Health and Activity Tracking

8.1. To view Biztalk based activities

9. Tracking Profile Editor

9.1. To profile activities

Biztalk Adapters

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Following are few adapters

· Web service adapater to communicate with web services

· File adapter to communicate with file(s) on different file system

· MSMQ adapter to communicate through Microsoft messaging Queue

· HTTP adapter to communicate through HTTP protocol

· SMTP adapter to send emails

· Pop3 adapter to receive emails

· SharePoint adapter to communicate with SharePoint based document libraries

· SQL adapter to communicate with SQL servers

Biztalk Components

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Following are few biztalk components

· Business Rules engine to apply business rules on messages

· Health & Activity Tracking to monitor track activities/messages

· Business Activity Monitoring for non technical guys to check status

· Business Activity Services to manage and instantiate relationship between trading partners, do this with the help of SharePoint services

· Messaging the most important component could be in the form of XML or any Flat file (csv, tab delimited…) to communicate with processes

· Orchestration is a platform/environment/engine to design activities and how would they communicate.

· Adapters to send and receive messages:

Biztalk Server Intro

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Biztalk server is an intermediate, middle layer, middle man, bridge, integrator to make possible communication between processes, applications (no matter of different technologies) by letting messages to pass between them.

Biztalk make possible integration (communication) through Adapters. If you are a .net developer then just think about sqldataadapter which is made to let .net based application speak with sql server

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